On Marketing, Growth, and the Business of WordPress

I’m a digital strategist, marketer, and investor. By day, I’m Senior Vice President of Marketing & Growth at 10up, a premier digital agency. I write about marketing, growth, and the business of WordPress.


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Day One for Automattic

Earlier this week, Automattic announced their acquisition of Day One, the award-winning journaling app. This begs an interesting question: why is a blogging platform acquiring a journaling app?

The Creator Economy and the Blurring Lines Between B2B and B2C

Commerce is no longer the domain of traditional businesses. Individual creators, ranging from streamers to podcasters to home artisians, have recognized the potential to transform their skills and personalities into revenue streams. Now, B2B and B2C businesses must recon with the blurring lines beneath their very existence.

Vitamins, Vicodin, and Using Pain To Create Urgency and Sell More

Many SaaS companies sell vitamins: products and services that we know are good for us, but with benefits that are only evident in the long term. We can increase our conversion rates and revenue by framing it within the context of a Vicodin problem–a problem with a clear, immediate need and payoff.

Starting From 1

What if you’re an operator, not a visionary? What if you prefer building up, rather than laying the foundation? Traditional advice guides you towards joining a startup that’s already seeing some success: a means to become part of the journey, though as second fiddle to the visionary founder. And, in this world, you’re significantly limited in your upside: very few founders become wealthy, and...

The WordPress For You

Imagine that you're a first-time web publisher. You run a small business – perhaps a fitness boutique, a creative endeavor, or maybe you're the designated "tech person" at a small museum - and you know you need to build your digital presence. Where do you start?

On Marketing, Growth, and the Business of WordPress

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