Phil Crumm


My foray into the world of technology began with a futile attempt to build a web portal for use on my Playstation Portable back in 2002. Though the homepage never came to fruition, I was exposed to the magical world of dynamic scripting through PHP.

My interest in PHP lead me to phpBB, a popular open-source forum solution. Working with phpBB, I discovered the rest of the LAMP stack—Apache and MySQL. I eventually became a part of the phpBB team, and developed several internal tools, and the Support Toolkit, a widely used tool for debugging and maintaining phpBB forums.

phpBB lead me to the world of WordPress, the world’s most used blogging and content management system. I soon found work with Automattic, the entity behind Most recently, I worked as a VIP Wrangler, where I intermix engineering and personal skills to provide code review and world class developer support to some of the biggest names in media.

I then moved on to Pogoseat, where I worked to redevelop a legacy, PHP-based stack into a well-architected, well-tested react.js application built upon a node.js-backed API.

I’ve since migrated down to San Diego and joined 10up, where I work as a Senior Web Strategist to define and plan engineering projects from clients that intersect enterprise, media, and more.

In my free time, I’ve kept my skills sharp through a variety of other technology projects. Away from screens, I enjoy fitness and am an avid recreational private pilot.

If you’re interested in hiring me, check out my employment info. Or, you can always reach me directly with any questions.